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Volunteer at Lex Orandi School - Summer 2016


At Lex Orandi School, we offer an opportunity for education to be used as a tool for Burundi’s development. Because teachers are a key part of our mission to provide quality education, you can help us make a real impact on our students’ learning. Starting in June 2015, we are inviting enthusiastic volunteers to come to Lex Orandi for 2 - 6 weeks for our Teaching Teachers English project. 


Because Burundi is a French-speaking country and the education sector is severely under resourced, our students will miss out on employment and education opportunities unless they have a firm grasp of English. Unfortunately, even though our teachers have taken rudimentary English classes, they do not have many opportunities to practice or even hear native speakers. With your help, our teachers can improve their pronunciation and grammar, which will lead to better instruction in the classroom.


First-time visitors to Burundi are often humbled and enriched by their experience here we believe that you will learn as much from our teachers as they will from you.




How You Will Make a Difference

As a Teaching Teachers English volunteer, your top priority will be to advance our teachers’ language skills and you will introduce them to new teaching practices through your lessons.


You will enrich the teachers’ instruction during your time in Burundi because repetitive learning is still common practice here. As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to demonstrate innovative active-learning methodologies through your English lessons. Adding your personal touch to the workshop outlines will inspire teachers’ creativity in their own lesson plans and encourage them to engage students on a new level. Most importantly, learning from fluent English speakers will give our teachers added confidence in the classroom.


The exchange of culture will enrich the lives of both you and our teachers. Lex Orandi faculty will not only be able to improve their English lessons with students, but can pass along other subject and cultural knowledge that they will learn from you.


We are trying to bring esteem to the teaching vocation in Burundi through development opportunities like the Teaching Teachers Project, so your encouragement can help empower our faculty to be proud, professional teachers.

Volunteer Duties

You’ll spend about six hours a day, five days a week running English workshops with our teachers. Even though school is out of session during the Teaching Teachers English Project, we'll have summer remedial lessons for a few students. This way, you can model active-learning strategies like songs and story-time in a classroom setting.


We will have a curriculum and lesson plan outlines for you to follow, but if you have a passion for art, math, or other subjects, we'd like you to incorporate these into your workshops to make the experience as fun as possible for everyone!


Although Burundi has a long ways to go in terms of development, we expect Lex Orandi School volunteers to be willing to learn from local teachers and community members and adapt to their needs. We will ask that you come with a mindset of cultural exchange and not on a mission to import your customs, values, or beliefs.


Improving our faculty’s vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation is the most important goal of Teaching Teacher’s English project. Our teachers are friendly and welcoming, and will be open to trying out new and innovative teaching methods. We would also like you to extend your support by joining the weekly English language club we will be starting for the neighborhood this summer. This is a great opportunity for members of the community to get conversation practice and you can meet local residents to share stories about your lives and hobbies.

Volunteer Qualifications

You need to be at least 21 years old to volunteer at Lex Orandi School and as much as we’d love to have your children come and meet our students, unfortunately we can’t accommodate family members under this age. Because we’ll have some students on campus over the summer, for everyone’s peace of mind, background checks/clearance will be conducted on all LOSKI volunteers.


We would greatly appreciate the expertise of certified teachers, but formal teaching qualifications aren’t necessary to join us this summer. However, we ask our volunteers to be fluent English speakers and have a sense of adventure. You will need plenty of enthusiasm, confidence, and patience but know that our teachers are friendly and welcoming, and will be open to trying out new teaching methods.


Don’t worry if you don’t speak French—you will be accompanied by our founder, who speaks five languages fluently!

Volunteer Fees

Although many teachers in developing countries receive a year-round salary, our school fees (around $10 per month) fund our operations so faculty need to take second jobs during the summer to supplement their income.


The volunteer program fee of $2,280 will help provide the necessary wages for teachers to take part in these summer workshops. It will also fund the seminar materials, workbooks, as well as your housing, food, airport pickup and local transportation during your stay. You will be responsible for your own travel insurance, airfare, and visas to Burundi, but can work with you to secure discounted, non-profit travel. 


We recommend that you budget about $5,000 for your Teaching Teachers English participation. This will depend on how long you will be on campus, your departing airport and how much exploring you want to do during your stay. You can work with your local school, Rotary Club, or online crowdfunding resources to raise support. You can also visit Fund for Teachers, Go Overseas, and other websites that help fund volunteer trips abroad. 

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