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Whether you've been to Burundi before or this is your first time abroad, you might have some questions about the country, the program, and what to expect. This information will be helpful and you can always email us if you have any questions that aren't answered here.

Is it safe to travel to Burundi?


Our campus has 24/7 security and your housing will be right next door or at a nearby guesthouse with similar security. Although Burundi is home to many Western expatriates who live, work, and raise families here, unfortunately the country usually only makes international news due to political conflict. 


We have scheduled the seminars well after the upcoming elections, which might be the source of any political unrest. Lex Orandi School’s founder will be here throughout the entire summer and as a dual Burundian/American citizen, she can accompany you to the U.S. Embassy to register your stay in Burundi. 

What will my living situation be like?


Depending on volunteer arrival times, duration, and preferences, you can either stay at a private residence next to LOSKI's campus or at a guesthouse nearby. You'll have a private room and bathroom as well as access to a shared kitchen. 


We are in the capital, so you’ll have basic amenities like electricity, Wi-Fi, and water that is both hot and running! However, Bujumbura still has frequent power cuts so these might not be available all the time, but it's short walk to access the internet at a nearby conference center/hotel.


Can I stay longer than six weeks?


Yes! If you are looking for a long-term opportunity to work with our students and teachers, get in touch to find out how we can arrange a longer stay after the summer workshops have concluded.

What about the food?


Fresh, local, and healthy! Your meals will be prepared by a Burundian cook and if you’re vegetarian or have food allergies, this will be no problem here. There's no shortage of papayas, bananas, and plenty of vegetables - there’s also a small garden and an avocado tree in the compound for you to help yourself. 


If you'd like to go into town for a meal, there are several restaurants that range from basic lunch counters to chic cafés. You can choose among Burundian classics like bugali and renga renga or go for Italian, Ethiopian, or even a quiche at the downtown eateries.

What should I bring?


There will be an office computer available, but you should bring your laptop or tablet if you have one. We can provide a list of personal travel items that we recommend bringing closer to your arrival, but our teachers would love to have age-appropriate books, toys, and educational games to use with students. You even can show them how to incorporate them in their lessons. 

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