A message from LOSKI's founder


While I enjoyed my childhood playing in the Kiganda hills growing up in the village of Ruvumu, like many Burundians, my family endured a life of hardship. Before I even started school, I knew that an education could help secure my family's future. But after I learned how to read, I had other dreams besides the security of my parents and six brothers and sisters. I was determined to help my family, Kiganda, and Burundi by learning directly from the worlds depicted in my books.


After completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Burundi, I was awarded a Fulbright grant and on my way to the United States where I earned a Master of Arts in Education at the University of Kansas. Two years later, I had started my family and had earned a second master's degree in French. My dreams for education and a world beyond Burundi were realized but my childhood village of Ruvumu was still alive in me. As the saying goes: "You can take a girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl." 

In 1997, I co-founded Harambee In Progress, now Harambee in Progress Project (HPP) in order to provide school supplies and scholarships to students in Ruvumu. Even though HPP has been helping thousands of students pursue a basic education, I soon realized that Burundi needed more. I dreamed about starting a school where children could acquire the love of learning; where they were surrounded by books and engaging teachers that encouraged reading to be done for fun as well as homework. This school would ensure there would be no limit to children's potential.


That dream became a reality in August 2010 when the first 146 children arrived at Lex Orandi School de Kibenga. It was an exhaustive recruitment process to find faculty whose passion for teaching and love for children came before the need for a job. In exchange, I promised them the support and financial security to face the challenges that come with personal and professional growth. 


Lex Orandi School is now partnered with Harambee in Progress Project to pursue our joint mission of supporting education in Burundi. In four years, LOSKI's student population grew from 146 to 380 in nursery to Year 6 and I'm proud that each year has brought better academic achievement and even more active parents. I can't wait for the future ahead with our new secondary school building for students in Year 7 and above as well as a community lending library and computer lab. There's a lot of challenging but exciting work ahead, so we look forward to your support in this journey!


Yours in learning,

Renilde Acholla

© 2015 LOSKI

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