Our academics are founded on the philosophy that every student has the potential to excel


LOSKI follows the Burundi national curriculum with enhancements for multilingual instruction, citizenship, and critical thinking. We incorporate various methods to ensure students don't just learn for the test, but have literacy and numeracy levels appropriate for and even above their age-level.


Unlike Burundian public schools that require a minimum of 45% to pass, Lex Orandi students must earn at least a 65% average before they can move on to the next grade level. In light of Education for All, we believe that our academic policy ensures that students are not just in school, but are learning. 

French is the language of instruction, but with Burundi's place in the East African Community, we offer English, Swahili, and Kirundi lessons as well. Even our nursery school students become conversant in all four languages within the first few months at LOSKI. 

All students are provided with textbooks sourced from quality publishers across Africa and we encourage reading for fun with our growing selection of fiction books. Your donation of gently used books can help foster the love of learning in Lex Orandi students.


We believe that it is never too early to introduce students to the duties of citizenship, so every class elects a Student Representative to serve on the Parents' Committee. Student Representatives are among the top in their class and are the voice for their peers when it comes to Lex Orandi decisions. We also have sports, dance, and drama clubs for students to learn how to be team players and express themselves in various ways. 


Upon graduation, students will have the skills to communicate effectively, think critically, and be competitive candidates in the global economy. We are creating avid readers who have the self-learning tools to seek out information on their own. Our graduates will be preapred and committed to building a better future in Burundi and we are excited to see what they will accomplish!

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